About OpticalCloudInfra

About OpticalCloudInfra – OpticalCloudInfra provides insight and expertise for the optical infrastructure enabling worldwide web and cloud.  Backed by extensive optical communication industry experience,  we offer advice/consultation/consultancy services for optical infrastructure planning and development.  OpticalCloudInfra shares also our technical expertise over long-haul fiber plants, whether terrestrial or submarine.  For more details, you can visit our first blog entry.  To understand technologies and discuss how to improve optical cloud infrastructure for today’s and tomorrow’s needs, please contact OpticalCloudInfra.

OpticalCloudInfra Specialties

Infrastructure for Optical Clouds, Long-Haul Optical DCI, Optical Transport, Optical Networking, Optical Backbone Networks, Optical Backhaul Networks, Subsea Cable Systems.

Recent Works

Technical audit, commercial audit, due diligence (including the recent due diligence of three subsea cable system suppliers), M&A, customer representation, review of project management organizations, analysis of several network implementation projects, subsea capacity pre-sales, terrestrial dark fiber acquisition, capacity market analysis, market/feasibility studies (including revenue analyses, business models and risk analyzes), analysis of submarine cable system market trends, transmission equipment supplier selection, project management, optical network project definition/design, network engineering.