Recent Publications

Some recent publications and works, either presented at peer-reviewed conferences, edited in books or published in trade press.

  • Networking Benefits of a Long-Reach, High-Bandwidth, IP-Optimized DWDM Platform
    This paper, presented at the OFC 2016 conference in March 2016, demonstrates the equipment hardware, fiber route and cost savings in backbone applications stemming from long-reach, high-bandwidth, IP-optimized DWDM platform enabling the provisioning of unidirectional optical circuits using customary bidirectional interface cards.
    OFC 2016 – March 2016
  • HUGO Upgrade, the Third Life of the Gemini Subsea Cable System
    This article discusses the first upgrade done by the insertion of innovative new repeaters into an unrepeatered system. The wet plant upgrade of the HUGO cable system in the Channel increased the capacity and system life of a cable system that was itself built using re-deployed sections from the decommissioned Gemini system.
    Submarine Telecoms Forum – March 2016
  • Undersea Fiber Communication Systems
    This comprehensive book, edited by Jose Chesnoy (former CTO of Alcatel-Lucent Submarine Networks) provides both a high-level overview of submarine systems and the detailed specialist technical data for design, installation, repair, and all other aspects of this field.  With some colleagues at Xtera, I participated in the writing of the chapter devoted to unrepeatered subsea cable systems.
    Elsevier – December 2015
  • New Technologies for Upgrading Existing Unrepeatered Cable Systems
    Along with long-distance repeatered submarine cable systems, shorter distance unrepeatered cable systems are part of the worldwide subsea transmission infrastructure transporting the IP traffic across the globe. This article describes the different ways the recent innovations can be used for upgrading existing unrepeatered cable systems.
    Submarine Telecoms Forum – November 2015
  • Submarine Salvage, a Second Life for Old Cables
    Recovering and redeploying decommissioned subsea cables can offer significant financial, time to market and environmental benefits for building regional cables systems.
    Fibre Systems – September 2015
  • Latest Developments for Unrepeatered Cable Systems
    At a time when it is possible to transmit 100G channel over more than 600 km, this paper delivers an overview of unrepeatered cable systems, including applications, technology updates and evolution.
    Submarine Telecoms Forum – May 2015