Why OpticalCloudInfra?

Driven by the obviousness that long-haul fiber infrastructure is and will be still for a long time the cornerstone for long-haul optical networking, OpticalCloudInfra aims at being part of the evolution of the backbone network in order to more efficiently connect data centers and support today’s and tomorrow’s cloud-based services.


Advances in optical transmission technologies, including coherent modulation/detection schemes, wideband optical amplification, flexible optical switching and new approach for the control plane, lead to new opportunities for rethinking, redesigning and optimizing long-haul optical transport to support data services.  Unlike previous generation networks built for telecom operators, backbone networks for long-haul Data Center Interconnect (DCI) require a new set of features (some of them simpler, others different compared with those for telecom networks) in order to enable the highest capacity, the lowest cost per transported bit and the fewer demarcation points between data centers.

Backed by extensive optical communication industry experience, OpticalCloudInfra provides insight and expertise for the optical infrastructure enabling worldwide web and cloud over long-haul fiber plants, whether terrestrial or submarine.  OpticalCloudInfra’s role is to popularize, explain and evangelize long-haul, high-capacity optical networking technologies so optical communication and data center communities can better apprehend how long-haul DCI can be developed and improved to support the insatiable growth of data capacity worldwide.

To understand technologies and discuss how to improve optical cloud infrastructure for today’s and tomorrow’s needs, please contact OpticalCloudInfra from the Contact page.  OpticalCloudInfra is available for talks in conferences, lectures in universities, consulting services or simply discussion about the needs and trends of high-capacity optical transmission infrastructure for long-haul DCI.

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