Subsea Cable System Tutorial

We recently posted on the Tutorial page of OpticalCloudInfra website a new high-level tutorial about subsea cable systems.  After a short historical introduction, this tutorial delivers an overview of the architecture and technologies involved in subsea cable systems before briefly reviewing the different components that are part of them.  Albeit a key item in cable system cost structure and for quality/reliability throughout system lifetime, marine operations are not part of this subsea cable system tutorial.  Instead the focus is rather on the current state of the art and evolution in the components that dictate the capacity, reach and flexibility, namely:

  • Optical fiber
  • Submarine cable
  • Repeater
  • Branching unit
  • Terminal equipment

The last section discusses the evolution of the cable system architecture and how the Submarine Line Terminal Equipment (SLTE) is moving from cable landing station to inland point of presence or data center.  This evolution is ongoing with some examples discussed in previous posts (here and here).

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